It’s not the only more personal thing that I have reason to be grateful to MusicFest for…because, sadly, Ken died very, very suddenly in March of 2003. He was one of the Directors of MusicFest and we were still very involved with MusicFest, and the Arts Centre who were also wonderfully supportive to me. The MusicFest administrator at that time was Gwen Parry who was an old friend of mine and she said “I wonder if David would be able to come to play at Ken’s funeral”. I said, “It’s a lovely idea but he’s far too busy, you mustn’t even think of it”. Ken was a great admirer of David Campbell’s clarinet playing and as a man. He always said, “There’s no one like David for taking risks when he’s playing and getting wonderful results”. Anyway, Gwen, bless her, contacted David and he made a special trip to Aberystwyth to play at the service for Ken’s cremation here in Aberystwyth and he performed the slow movement of Mozart’s Clarinet concerto with a piano accompaniment and I shall never forget that wonderful gesture he made. And Alan Hewson made the Arts Centre theatre bar and foyer available to me for the reception or, you know, refreshments after the funeral. And then, in the festival that summer, a performance of the Brahms sonata, the cello sonata performed by Guy Johnson was dedicated to Ken’s memory. Those things meant such a lot to me and so I have a very special attachment to MusicFest and to David and to people who were so good to me at that time.